Mailsafe Mailboxes

Mailsafe Mailboxes РProudly Australian Made.

“Designed to keep Architects, Builders and Australia Post happy”


Developed and engineered by an experienced design team, these aluminium letterboxes are available as front or rear opening, key lock or latch lock, duplicate keys, acrylic identification slats and weather shields. The internal suspended floor is designed to ensure your mail stays dry.


Constructed from a combination of aluminium extrusions and sheet aluminium together with stainless steel fixings, not only give a high quality finish but are strong and rust resistant. Protective aluminium weather shields also help keep out the rain.

Size and Configuration:

Available in variety of different configurations, each bank can be accessed from either the front or the rear. The internal dimension of 390w x 240d conforms with minimum requirements as set out by Australia Post and AS/NZS4253 and are large enough to accommodate standard A4 envelopes and magazines without folding. Parcel and periodical shelves are availble on request.


Available in array of 30 powder coated colours to compliment most finishes. Also available in the Natural Aluminium Anodised Finish.

Identification Slats:

Each box is fitted with a choice of 5 different coloured acrylic strips engraved with either the box number or identification details. The colours of the identification slats are Black , White, Beige, Gold and Silver.


Bolted onto a wall face, post mounted or recessed into a wall/structural cavity.


Australia Post recommends that mailbox bank apertures should be between 500mm and 1500 above ground level. Banks may be positioned at right angles to the footpath and as close as practical to the footpath boundary.

To accommodate large articles such as newspapers and periodicals, open parcel shelves can be included on the bottom row. All mailboxes must be clearly labelled with the street and/or apartment number.

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